Nabber's Empire Terms of Use

Any reference on this page to a player, or players, is to be taken to mean registered user of the Nabber's Empire website. ie. an account holder for a player account in the Nabber's Empire game.
This Terms of Use agreement covers the entire Nabber's Empire website, including it's support forum. The support forum itself also has a set of rules stated that must be respected and followed.
The content of this Terms of Use agreement may be changed at any time. Without notice. It is the players responsibility to keep themselves updated on the current agreement.

Age requirement 🔞
You must be 18 years of age or older to register and play this game and be considered of legal age and authority in your country of residence.
Any under aged person that are found by moderators, admins or other players, will have their accounts removed.

The game contains some themes and content related to fetishes, specifically Bondage or BDSM. But for the most part the fun loving and age old concept of Damsels in Distress and stereotype Villains.
The game is presented as is. If the content, play-style or themes of the game is not what you are looking for, then complaining about it won't change anything. Nabber's Empire does not suit everyone, nor does it try to cater to everyone's specific interest or fetish.
You must be an adult to play Nabber's Empire. To protect players and to allow players freedom of expression, including mature content.
We (the website owner, admins and players) mean no harm to anyone. But you enter this website at your own risk and must be able to be responsible for your own actions and reactions to what you may find within. No one is forcing you to be here. If you do not share our interests, then leave us alone and go enjoy your own weird hobbies.
Thank you.

Player confidentiality and personal data
The personal data of a player is stored in a secure database and is kept only for administrative purposes and in order for the player account to function.
The players name is never accessible to other players. The listed first name and usernames are visible to game moderators, but still handled with confidentiality. Registered Last names are accessible only by game admins.
The player e-mail address is important in order for the game account to function and the game to be played as intended. In-game messages between players are sent by the game server, so your address is never visible to other players. The address is also needed for moderators and admins to communicate with the player and give support. As well as for you to be able to retrieve or reset a lost username or password.
No player information will be shared with any third party. It will not be sold nor given away for any reason.

Player agreement
As a player, you agree to have read and understood the entire Terms of Use agreement stated on this page. You also agree to abide by the rules and your responsibilities here given.
If you register an account for Nabber's Empire and make use of this website you agree to take responsibility for your own actions and behavior. You also agree that you realize that when playing this game or in the site community you may come into contact with something you take offense to. If so you should try to sort out any problem with the players, moderators or admins involved. But you also agree that anything you find intolerable, the moderators or admins may find to be in fair use or within reason. The admins decide the content of this website at their discretion. If this is not acceptable to you, you are free to leave.
The admins and moderators try their best to run this website for the enjoyment of it's players. But do not take responsibility for any consequence of using this website or that playing Nabber's Empire may have for a player. You agree to use the website entirely at your own risk.
As a player you are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your account password. Please use an appropriately secure password that only you know of. Lost passwords can be reset and forgotten usernames retrieved using this web form.

Respect other players
All players in Nabber's Empire must show respect for other players tastes and style of play. As long as you are having fun and not hurting anyone else, there is no wrong or right way to play. However a large part of the game is about domination and submission. Anything falling under the concept of BDSM must be considered with the consent of all parties involved. As long as you are acting out fantasies in character it is all fun and games. But especially when role-playing with another player, you may find yourself crossing a line your partner is not comfortable with. If you are playing a captive, it is your responsibility to let your captor know when what they are doing is NOT ok with you. AND as a captor it is your responsibility to back off and stay within agreeable limits.
When interacting with other players you are under no obligation to share more personal information then you feel comfortable with. Harassment of other players will not be tolerated.
Use common sense and courtesy and you will be alright.
Any player that is found to be out of line or displaying inappropriate or offensive behavior, at the judgment of moderators and admins. May be banned or have their accounts temporarily locked. A BAN from Nabber's Empire is permanent.

No Multi-accounting
Multiple accounts are NOT allowed, only one type of account is allowed and one account per player. No exceptions! If it is discovered that more then one account belongs to the same player, all these accounts will be DELETED, the IP address BLOCKED and the player BANNED from the site. A BAN from Nabber's Empire is permanent.

If a player does not log into their game account for over a year, then the account will be considered abandoned and is subject to being deleted. Deleted accounts can not be recovered. To keep your account, it is recommended to log in twice a year to be sure the account is not purged.
Damsel game accounts that are inactive, ie. that have not logged in for over two weeks time, are frozen. This means they can not be found by Kidnapper Players. An inactive Damsel account is automatically reactivated when the player logs back in. Damsel players are recommended to use the "Safe house mode" (found under Settings), for planned periods of inactivity or absence.
Kidnapper game accounts that are inactive, ie. that have not logged in for over three weeks time, are frozen. This means they can not be found nor snooped by Damsel Players. An inactive Kidnapper account is automatically reactivated when the player logs back in. Kidnapper players are recommended to use the "Underground mode" (found under Settings), for planned periods of inactivity or absence.
Note that accounts on the support forum are separate from game accounts, although they share a common username and connection to the game account. Forum accounts are not locked from inactivity, but may be locked, restricted or removed in case of a breach of these terms or the forum rules.

In-game characters
NE is a game of Damsels in Distress, Bondage and stereotype Villains. BDSM and Adult themes are all optional. According to each players taste or play-style.
All players must themselves be over 18 and any character described while Role-Playing in the game or on the forum that are under age, must NOT under ANY circumstance be depicted taking part in any sexual nor BDSM acts. Fictional or not, such behavior is not allowed!
What players do with their adult characters is between them, as long as all players and their tastes are treated with respect.

The Nabber's Empire game and website is not to be taken as a service in any commercial sense. This is a privately driven project. The admins and website owner can not make any promises as to availability, server uptime, functionality, player satisfaction or even quality of content. But simply try to do their best to keep the website running and to enable players to have fun using it.
Donations are greatly appreciated to help keep the website and project alive. Donating money will give the player a gold account status as reward and token of appreciation for what is considered in all regards as a gift.

Donation Refund Policy
There are NO refunds for donations! Donating is optional and is considered a gift to help the Nabber's Empire project. The website owner is under no obligation to return given donations. Remember, Nabber's Empire is not a company, it is not a commercial project. However Gold status will be given to Donators, if problems arise regarding gold activation, please contact an Admin or Moderator on the Support forum.

All code, graphics (including all artwork, apart from player avatars) and content as well as the name and logo of Nabber's Empire are Copyrighted by Bgagger (website owner) 2023, all rights reserved. Contact: Bgagger for questions regarding copyright.
Players and other site visitors agree not to reproduce, duplicate, copy, sell, trade, resell or exploit for any purposes, commercial or otherwise, any portion or use of, or access to, the Nabber's Empire game and it's content.

All material on this website is for light entertainment purposes only and as such, not to be taken seriously.

All mention of Bondage, Kidnapping or BDSM terms or behaviors on this site are to be taken in the light of entertainment. The game has a fantasy setting in which players interact and play for their own and each others amusement. The admins and moderators of the game as well as it's players are respectful towards women and have NO harmful nor unlawful intent whatsoever. Any real acts of domination should always be acted out with the full consent of all parties involved.
Players showing excessive or inappropriate behavior will be banned or have their accounts temporarily frozen, as deemed necessary by the admins and moderators.

Names, as they may occur on the site, can sometimes be added to the game by players or moderators. Or be otherwise mentioned. They may be similar to copyrighted names or names of individuals. This is entirely coincidental. In the case of any names from the public domain found within the game they are to be seen under the article of fair use. They may be parodies, referenses or simply in the likeness of familiar popular names. In any of these cases the website owner and players do not mean in any way to be hurtful to potential respective name owners. Nor are names in the context of the game used in any sense to make profit from. The Nabber's Empire game is not a profit driven enterprise, but sustained by good will and occasional donations, to be enjoyed as a simple pastime for Internet users and fans of Damsels in Distress and consensual Bondage.

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