The current maximum number of player accounts has been reached.

Due to server as well as administrative limitations we cannot accept further user registrations at this time.
However this may change as old users quit or circumstances change, so please check back from time to time and we may be able to accept your registration then.
Thank you for understanding.

More slots to register for the game will be opening up continuously as soon as more players can be handled.
Please do not keep sending messages asking when they will be open. Instead keep an eye on this page.
A lot of people want to register and we will try to accommodate for it as soon as we can.

Account types:
The Kidnapper account is for dominant players, who enjoy playing the part of a Villain or Villainess. This account type caters specifically to Tops.

Game-play involves strategy, resource management and role-playing. Kidnap Damsels and earn money by releasing them for ransom. The money is then used to build up the players Lair, buy items, hire henchmen, etc. To make the kidnappers evil empire more powerful and nab new or tougher damsels.
A Kidnapper can choose to play competitively, trying to collect more money and status on the Kidnapper top list. Aim to capture and keep their favorite Damsels in their Lair. Or just cackle manically as they watch their evil empire grow. How you set your goals in the game is up to you.

When capturing Damsel Players you must respect their tastes and play styles, be ready to adapt to how they like to play the game. Use common sense and don't be a jerk, then fun times are had by all.

The Damsel account is for players of a submissive nature or who simply enjoy playing the part of Damsel in Distress. All Damsel characters are played as female in-game. This account type caters specifically to Bottoms.
Focused less on tactics and instead centered around Role-playing as a Damsel. Both in the sense of character development via the skill and stat system, descriptions etc. and by interacting with other players, mainly in the form of messages. As a Damsel you can snoop into lairs, to gather information or sabotage and give the kidnappers a hard time ;-)

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